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Copper Lota
It is well known that Copper Lotas can work wonder, if water is stored in it overnight and then it is consumed in the morning. Copper powered water helps in weight loss by removing body fat and promoting the digestion system to a healthier lifestyle.
Copper Jugs
The leak-safe lid of our Copper Jugs helps in preserving the freshness and nutrients of potable water. They have copper material, which is completely food-grade and acknowledged for its hygiene level.
Copper Hammered Tanki
Our Copper Hammered Tanki help in alkalizing water and adjusting the pH values in the users’ body. No plastic and any such material are used in the making, this is completely ecologically friendly.
Copper Tanki
This Copper Tanki assortment is acknowledged to fortify the users’ immune system by helping in effective generation of new cells. Each model has an effective height and base diameter that makes it be securely stored and used.
Copper Bottles
To have artistic kitchenware, one should avail our Copper Bottles, which are aesthetically pleasing. They help in adjusting the pH level and immune system of a consumer. For obtaining great results, we suggest to keep water in our bottles and leave it overnight, then drink it in the morning.