Copper Lota

The range of Copper Lota is composed of A-grade copper material, which is a mineral imperative for the human body. With these pots, the customers get benefits of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-carcinogenic characteristics. Keeping portable water in our products is a primitive practice that has been followed by the users for numerous health benefits. They may seem like kitchen utensils but they deliver much more than one can anticipate in the mind. These remove free radicals, which induces aging. The provided Copper Lota range comes with cell-generating and powerful anti-oxidant features that help in preventing fine lines on the face and stimulates the generation of healthy cells. Drinking water in copperware has been suggested by homeopathy doctors to control and treat several diseases such as hypertension, anxiety and obesity.
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Small Copper Lota

Price: 180 INR

Copper small lota use for store water and used in pooja by INDIAN Cultural, actually available in 2 sizes and in more design.We are a firm that make many types of copper products for this u contact us ...,We are made copper products by people blessings and God Helps.We made copper lota by cleaning and good finishing and we gave best quality forevermore to our reliable customers.......Thank you For further query contact us.

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Copper Nakashi Lota

Price: 200 INR

Copper Nakashi lota. Some people says that :chitai lota : This is simple lota but when our customers demand so we do work on that this work is called "Nakashi" or "Chitai",This is available in many design for it plz visit us .And Ayurveda also recommends for drinking water in copper vessel is very good for our health And a water that store overnight in copper utensils if a person drink that water in morning on an empty stomach help to balance all three doshas (kapha,Vata and Pitta).

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Copper Kumba Lota

Price: 120 INR
  • Product Type:Copper-ware
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Copper Lota

Price: 200 INR

Copper Lota is Use for drink water or use in pooja Etc..We are made copper lota by so much effort and in best quality and in budget price for our reliable customers